The Memorial Northwest Ladybugs have already been very busy ladybugs in this new year! The ladybugs held their first board meeting of the new year on January 8 the home of Carol Cope. Carol served a medley of delicious snacks for the ladybugs before the meeting was called to order. The general meeting was held on January 22 at the lovely home of Jackie Vogel. Co-hostesses Kaye Neiss and Nancy Weaver prepared a wonderful variety of delicious refreshments. Maggie Houck created a lovely arrangement of a variety of yellow flowers. The entire table setting was absolutely gorgeous and absolutely delicious, too! The Ladybugs brought food for a donation to the food pantry at NAM, as this is one of our special club projects we do each year.


Ladybugs Diane Payne and Barbara Maroney at January Board Meeting Refreshments and visiting was followed by a wonderful educational and informative presentation on “Water Conservation Rules Now” by Mr. Robert Daily. Some of the content of his presentation was on how to conserve water by harvesting rainwater, using drip systems in our flower beds that we can do ourselves, backyard composting, and planting native plants. Also, going “green” by using organic lawn care products and less labor-intensive practices, such as rainwater harvesting, is just the first step in the process to convert your unsustainable lawn into a less-thirsty native plant landscape.


Ladybugs Robert Dailey’s Presentation at January General Meeting After this wonderful presentation, the Ladybugs continued with their business meeting. President, Diane Payne, began the meeting and Membership Chairman, Betty Donellan, called roll. Evelyn Chovanec, our Ways and Means Chairman, talked about the planning she has been doing to prepare for our annual Garage and Plant Sale, which is our club’s major fundraiser. Our annual Garage and Plant Sale will be held on, Saturday, March 29th, at the new MNW Community Center from 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM. A Community Recycling Event consisting of paper shredding and electronic recycling will also be held in conjunction with the sale at the Community Center from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM. (See the list of products accepted for the recycling.) We hope everyone will be able to come to our annual plant and garage sale and recycling event! Due to the freezes we have had this winter, this will be a great opportunity to find new replacement plants at a great price! The Garden Club will meet next on March 19. The program will be “Butterflies Fluttering in Our Backyards” with Meda Wogan. This will be another awesome program! If you have some free time and love gardening and love butterflies, this will be great meeting to attend. The Ladybugs always welcome guests and new members. For information about joining us at the March meeting, please call Membership Chairman Betty Donellan at 281-374-2172 or email Until next month, The Ladybugs