Update: New ballots have been mailed and the last day for voting has been extended to October 21st at 5pm. If you have already submitted a ballot you DO NOT need to vote again. Our decision to extend the to the 21st was based on making sure everyone who wants to vote can and the post office’s email delivery is still delayed and there was no assurance of the new set of ballots being delivered in time for a October 14th deadline.

As everyone is aware, the ballots for the Memorial Northwest Homeowners Association have been uncontrollably delayed. There were a number of issues contributing to this problem but the single biggest issue was the roof collapse of the North Houston USPS Mail Processing Facility.

The delay, while unfortunate, is not going to prevent the HOA Members from being able to participate in voting. Voting was opened on September 16th via email, ballot box at the Community Center or by email. Ballots have been made available online and at the Community Center.

As of yesterday the printed ballots started to appear in mailboxes. The ballots do have the original dates printed on them for the voting period but the deadline has been extended. The Management Company is sending out another mailing with the updated dates. However, we are expecting the outbound mail to be delayed again. The notices are being sent from the Dallas office of the print and mail company they use but with the single largest mail process facility offline we are expecting delays.

If you have questions you may contact us through this web site.