On October 22, 2019 we had our rescheduled Membership Meeting. At the meeting the election results were announced.

There was one contested position on the board. This was for President.

Greg Schindler won with 338 votes to Mike Siegel’s 55 votes. The election committee will be certifying the results in the next couple days but we do not expect this vote count to change.

This election was originally scheduled to run from September 16 through September 30 at 5pm. We experienced Tropical Storm Imelda. The storm resulted in the post office processing facility’s roof collapse and ballot delivery to the members was delayed. We sent a second mailing and extended the voting dates to October 21, 2019 to be sure everyone with a desire to vote was able to do so.

There were other uncontested board positions that did not appear on the ballot.

1st Vice President – Contracts

  • Curtis McGee

2nd Vice President – Security 

  • Gregg Williams

Area Director #2

  • Sarah Mueller

Area Director #4

  • Rebecca Talley

Area Director #6

  • Vera Atkinson

If you have questions regarding this election you may post them below or email to info@mnwhoa.org