1969 – Theisswood Rd. at Stuebner Airline Dr. was the first entrance. The first 4 houses on Theisswood Rd east of the bridge were built to establish the water district.

There was a wooden fence on the south side and a brick fence on the north side. Stuebner was widened in the early 2000s. The County allowed MNW to build a new fence a few feet east of it’s location on the south side because the original fence was encroaching on the property of 7403 Theisswood Rd. That’s when we rebuilt that entrance, all brick, and added the stone to the walls. We did new landscaping, lighting, and added irrigation.

1972 – Deep Pines at Louetta Rd. was 2nd entrance to be built.

1982 – Champion Forest Dr. at Louetta Rd. was the 3rd entrance to be built. We built the brick marker with new letters, landscaped around it and also landscaped at the south end of that block at Lichen Ln.

2000 – We updated the entrance markers and put stone on those walls, east and west sides, and stone on the 2’ at the bottom of the long side walls. We also redid the letters.

2003 – We refurbished that wall by installing the stone and adding the circular planter on the front.

2003 – Champion Forest Dr. north at Knurled Oaks was 4th. We did the same landscaping as C F Dr. south at Louetta and also landscaped at Knurled Oaks.

2004 – Naremore Dr. at Stuebner Airline was 5th and last (except for the 3 small entrances on Theiss Mail Rt. Rd.) James Goettee had built the walls of brick but, MNW stoned the markers on each side of Naremore at Stuebner Airline. MNW did the landscaping. J. C. Freeman, President of MNW, wanted me to paint all the brick walls going up Naremore Dr. a beige color to match the stone that I put on the markers. I refused.