Welcome to what I hope will be a regular feature to Memorial Northwest Messenger.  My name is Gregg Williams and back in January I was asked if I would consider stepping in for Karen Blackwell as 2nd Vice President on the HOA Board, as she was stepping down for personal reasons.  After much consideration I agreed and notified Greg Schindler that I would accept the nomination from the Board.  It wasn’t until the March meeting that I was able to be added to the Board of Directors but I started formulating my approach to the position from the time I was initially asked.  

Before I tell you what I envision for this position, let me give you a brief background history of myself and family.  My wife Jill and I moved our family to Memorial Northwest in the fall of 2009 from Wheatstone Village, or what I like to call the donut hole of Copperfield.  Primarily we made the move to get the kids out of CyFair ISD before they got to middle school.  We knew we wanted Klein ISD but ending up in MNW was not at the top of our search criteria.  It just so happened that the house we ended up in had been placed on the market the day before and it had everything we were looking for including not one pine tree in the yard and a stand-alone study.  What it didn’t have was a location on a cul-de-sac, this would play a large part in my interest in the HOA.  My wife and I have two daughters and one son.  Our oldest daughter didn’t make the move with us as she passed away at the age of 4 in the year 2000.  Our other daughter is a graduating senior this year at Klein High and a member of the highly acclaimed orchestra and our son is a sophomore at Klein High and a member of the Bearkat Band.  My wife is the office manager at Uptown Salons Spring and since the beginning of November I started working with KISD as a police officer, retiring from the Houston Police Department after 29 years of patrol duty.  My retirement from HPD was short lived (2 days) before starting with Klein but I am happy I made the switch.

Having been the President of the HOA in Wheatstone Village many years ago I knew the time commitment and responsibility of taking a position with any HOA board is more than just a couple of hours a month and that is why I have been consistent in saying (and promising my wife) I would not run for a board position until after I retired.  Over the past 9 years I have also done my share of publicly criticizing the MNW HOA and the contract deputies and what better way to make a change if not by becoming a member of the Board of Directors.

I am currently in the process of going over what monthly security reports that are available and looking for patterns and trends in our neighborhood.  I have the luxury of now almost 30 years of law enforcement experience to see not just the numbers but the fluff as well.  I am also in the process of contacting the previous Security Committee members and seeing if they are still willing to be part of the committee as well as contacting a few others in the neighborhood to join the committee.  I am committed to looking at this position with unbiased eyes and communicating with our neighbors to answer any security questions that may arise and clarify any misconceptions that are out there.  I have plans to re-vamp the HOA “Trouble Report” and “Vacation Watch” forms in order to make both the residents of MNW and the contract deputies more accountable to each other.  I have plans to make the contract deputy program more pro-active for our neighborhood and not strictly reactive.  We are paying a large portion of the HOA budget for this convenience and I want to make sure we are getting 100 percent of our 70 percent deputies.

This position that I am assuming comes with a level of confidentiality that I do not plan on compromising.  I will however make every effort to relay what is going on monthly through this column along with a topic of the month.  I did make a promise to my current Chief that this position will not compromise my position with Klein.  All of the Board members have their profession in ‘real life’ and bring their work experiences to the table monthly and that is what is making this current board of directors unique.  Each member of the Board of Directors is still a homeowner and has a real property investment in Memorial Northwest but doesn’t approach their board position as an additional duty to their primary career.  That being said I will not be mixing my professional duties with my neighborhood duties.  You will not be able to ask me what happened at your kiddos school, nor will I go tell your neighbor to keep their dog from barking.  I am not going to run a license plate for you or tell you if your son or daughters’ girlfriend or boyfriend has a ‘record’.  I just won’t.  I will offer my opinion and may even direct you to a website or two where you can do some research.  Basically, when I leave work and not at work, please don’t ask me to work for free.  

Overall, I am a nice, sweet, loveable guy who is nearing 60 years old and very opinionated.  I talk straight, try to listen before I think, and think before I talk.  If you are in a hurry for an answer make sure you give me time to get it all out…usually there is a story or two that comes with the answer.  Feel free to come to the monthly meetings, sign-up to speak to the board, or simply enjoy a cookie or two and watch this process at work.  So, until next month, do good, be good, and do the right thing.

Gregg Williams

2nd VP / Security