In the months to come the Safety and Security Committee will be profiling those officers and deputies who have committed themselves to protecting our Memorial Northwest community.

Sergeant James E. Romine oversees 22 Neighborhood and MUD district law enforcement contracts with the Harris County Sheriff. Within these areas he supervises approximately 60 Deputies. Three of them, within Memorial Northwest. Sergeant Romine has been with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office 25 years.

He has been happily married to his wife Patricia for 14 years. He has 3 children Khaliana 25, Sierra 23, Marco 12 and, one grandchild Skylar 5. It was apparent that the Sergeant is the kind of father and husband who makes time for both his children and his marriage. Following our interview Sergeant Romine was ‘answering a call’ to go home to help Marco with homework.

Sergeant Romine spent his early years in Kansas in the country until his parents divorced and his Mother moved to Houston when he was 12. He credits his father and a local doctor/ mentor for his positive life choices as a young man. After he attended high school in the Spring Branch district, he enlisted in the army in 1983. It was from a recruiting video that he became interested in a Military Police career. He served eight years active duty overseas and reserves as Military Police. Once he got into it he was hooked and has been in law enforcement ever since. After the service, in addition to the Patrol Bureau he served in the Harris County Organized Crime and Narcotics Task Force as an undercover narcotics officer. After completing a three year under cover assignment he returned to the Patrol Bureau where he became a Field Training Officer and instructor and progressed through different districts and eventually to District 1.

Additionally, Sergeant Romine has had the opportunity to meet movie and sport celebrities as well as various recording artists, by providing off duty security services at various local events; the Houston Rodeo, Texan games, and celebrity owned club openings.

Sergeant Romine’s motivation for his work is his love for his job. He believes that in order to help people and do the best job you must be a good listener and make sound decisions based on what you see and hear. He believes his current position requires people skills of 90% communication and 10% problem solving. “One of the most challenging parts of my position is promoting good relationships between the coordinators, HOA and MUD boards and the deputies assigned to them. However, as long as there are people willing to become involved in the safety and security of their own neighborhoods, good working relationships will continue to develop.”

Sergeant Romine, recognizes that there have been some officers who have sullied the public perception of law enforcement and there are segments of the community who believe they are at war with the police, when that’s simply not the case.  Sergeant Romine made it clear that the Harris County Sheriff’s office is very dedicated to helping the community. The Sergeant did express concern about the future of law enforcement. “Recruiting qualified people is becoming more and more challenging. However, if someone is just going into it for a JOB, go home. Your heart and soul has to be in it to make it a career.”

“As an officer in law enforcement I have learned we are family, we come together when one of us falls or is down.  I have seen and experienced great acts of kindness from my brothers and sisters in blue. I have no regrets about my career choice.” Sergeant Romine hopes to reach the rank of Lieutenant before he retires, at which time he will enjoy fishing, camping, outdoor cooking, traveling and an occasional casino trip.