In the months to come the Safety and Security Committee will be profiling those officers and deputies who have committed themselves to protecting our Memorial Northwest community.

Although Robert Noack grew up on a street where some of his friends parents were “on the Job” or first responders, he had no aspiration to pursue a career in law enforcement. After high school he worked in construction as a sheet metal worker. But with the economic downturn of the 80’s he began to reevaluate his future’s job security. Although he did not want to be a police officer a close friend encouraged Robert to apply with the Harris County Sheriff’s office to work as a civilian. In 1985 he started working in the Sheriff’s department in records. After a while Robert got to know a lot of the deputies and he found their work intriguing and decided to become a deputy. At age 21, he took a peace officer certification course at the University of Houston. During this time he worked nights at the sheriff’s office and attended school during the day. In 1986, he attained his certification and he transferred from civilian to a deputy position and was sent to Humble, Texas to work in the county jail. Later, Deputy Noack worked as a drill instructor at the Harris County boot camp with offenders age 17 to 26.

Deputy Noack grew up in an established Houston neighborhood where he learned personal responsibility from his parents’ basic traditional values of honesty, hard work and respect for others. He reflects fondly on memories of family time spent fishing, hunting and boating. Deputy Noack along with his wife Linda and four children continue each day to create memories.

Deputy Noack has been on the job 31years. He has been in District 1 for approximately 10 years and the Memorial Northwest contract deputy for almost 5 years. Deputy Noack is on duty weekdays 6 am to 2 pm. He reports to Sergeant James E. Romine, in Sheriff’s office/ District 1 on Cypresswood Dr., Spring, Tx. As a patrol deputy, Noack explains how on any given day he may be engaged in a wide range of activities. These can include, in addition to others, fighting crime, executing warrants, traffic stops, and arrests and conducting criminal investigations. Deputy Noack also responds to emergencies and homeowners calls, providing community support for service such as disturbances, alarms, suspicious people/vehicles, property crime etc.  These daytime incidents usually involve more contact with homeowners than do evening or overnight. When you meet Deputy Noack you are immediately impressed with his professional attitude and performance.  Although there may be a time he will not tell you what you want to hear, his delivery is non-threatening but firm. He receives criticism calmly and makes every effort to resolve the issue. He accepts the fact that people are human and make mistakes and would like for others to keep that in mind before reacting. He favors the proverb, “don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes”.

Deputy Noack credits his Christian values for his motivation to provide a safe environment for the homeowners in Memorial Northwest, by helping to stop crime from spreading and influencing young people to make good decisions.

Giving back to the community-

Deputy Noack and some other deputies /friends started a nonprofit business that provides housing for parolees that are reentering society. Through his nonprofit, they can take classes, work, and have free transportation to work and pay rent. For now, Deputy Noack has chosen to stay on the job but his retirement goal is to build a reentry facility that will also provide counseling and medical services.