Over the past 10 years, there has been much discussion about the junior-olympic size pool. The pool has not received the maintenance and attention needed over the last 30 years. One corner of the shell was repaired from a major structural failure.

There were several evaluations completed by repair and maintenance companies in our area. The estimates were focused on fixing current minor problems or aesthetics of the pool but were not conducted to solve the major cause of the issues and the longevity of the pool.

With all of the continued issues being reported by residents (dyed clothes, cut feet, no shade, green water) and maintenance people (failing pumps, broken pipes, using 200% the normal amount of chemicals) the board created the pool committee in 2017 to help find a solution.

Please click on the link below to download the committee’s presentation on the proposed plan.

MNW-The Plan-A Community, Not Just a Neighborhood

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“The Plan” Schedule of Values has been added to this post.  This is a conservative estimate based on various professional sources.

The Plan – Schedule of Values


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