Volunteer Extraordinare

Recipient of the MNW Marlins’ Volunteer Lifetime Achievement Award

Our neighborhood has recently seen an onslaught of resident volunteers.  They are answering the call to help fill newly established volunteer teams.  One of those team members is no stranger to volunteerism.  Having previously served on the Pool Committee, MNW resident Joe Bond, is now a member of the Community Center Management Team.  His volunteering goes much deeper than that.

When the Bonds moved into MNW in 2006, their kids started swimming for the Marlins.

That first year, Joe became a Stroke and Turn official. He enjoyed being close to the action in the pool.

In 2007, he joined the swim team board. In 2009, Joe stepped up to be Vice President and the next season, President. Following his term as President, Joe remained on the board as Team Rep through 2014—Quite a Legacy! He continues to serve as the team’s Lead Referee. Stacey, was a Marlin assistant and head coach from 2009 to 2014.

This past summer, after ten years of service to the MNW Marlins Swim Team, Joe received its Volunteer Lifetime Achievement Award.

Watching the kids’ enjoy friendly competition (regardless of their skill level) has been most rewarding. He’s proud that his community involvement has strengthened Memorial Northwest. Joe reports, “Most of our friends in this and surrounding neighborhoods, we have met through the swim team.”

He is incredibly passionate about swim team because he knows drowning is one of the leading causes of death among kids. But, it’s preventable! Kids who participate on neighborhood swim teams, like our MNW Marlins, become strong swimmers and are more confident in the water. Says Joe, “Swimming is a life skill and one of the best forms of exercise.”

According to Joe, swim team requires more parent involvement than most sports, “but it is rewarding when you give back to your community.”

Joe and Stacey love their neighborhood and community. When looking for a new home last year, the choice was easy.  They bought right here in MNW. Again!

Want to meet a legendary volunteer like Joe?  Marlins sign up is right around the corner!

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