Below is a sample ballot that you will receive in the mail.  Voting opened on September 16th.  Instructions are on the form.  The ballot indicates in the instructions that voting opens on the 23rd of September but voting is open now for early birds.  You can submit your ballot via mail, in the ballot box at the Community Center or by email.  If you have any issue with submitting your ballot please email for assistance.   If you have not received the ballot for any reason please email or visit the community center.

[Update 9/21/2019: 

It has become apparent there was a problem getting the ballots delivered. There was a problem between the management company, the company that prints and mails, and the post office.

We are extending the voting deadlines so everyone who wants to vote can. Details will be sent in a post card (yes, by mail) to you with the new dates and info.]


If for some reason you have not received your ballot in the mail you can download a copy here. Click to download

Memorial Northwest Homeowner Association Canidates for President

Greg Schindler

Schindler – bio

Mike Siegel

No bio provided