Greg Schindler

As 2016 comes to a close and 2017 is before us, many thanks to outgoing Area Director Connie Shinaver with over 10 years of volunteer service to our community. It takes a special person with steadfast strength of character and a strong will to have such longevity of service; thank you Connie for your patience and wisdom.

A special thanks to the 2016 Board of Directors and committee members for achieving much this past year. The Board of Directors focused on the governance processes involving inspections, application of uniform standards, contract performance, and community outreach. This work could not have been accomplished without the 49 volunteers on the committees. Our committees are involved in the day-to-day challenges that occur in our community and make the necessary operating decisions – Common Areas, Community Center, Deed Restriction & Architectural, Fitness, Security & Safety, Social & Educational, Tennis, and Web & Social Media.

Most notable accomplishment highlights include: leveling the concrete walkways, removal of invasive trees and drainage improvements at the Community Center; holiday decorations throughout the community; improvements in content management HOA website; multiple free educational presentations; free introduction to fitness by licensed professionals; a community National Night out event; implementation of a color newsletter; our first reserve accounting study; and much more. None of this would have been accomplished without the help of our volunteers.

We would have preferred to have made progress on the 45 year old pool, but frankly, there were not enough resources to take on the work required compared to all other priorities within the community. Perhaps the Board and those on the committees can help address this topic in 2017. If you want to participate and make a difference, join a committee to help share the work for improving our community.

Lastly, the 2016 Board of Directors felt we needed to raise the assessments by 10% to cover anticipated costs for 2017 and beyond. The Board commissioned a professional reserve study to hopefully better prepare our community for future replacement costs like our recent community center. We are also anticipating operational costs to increase somewhat as we have learned that low bid adage “you get what you paid for.” The budget will be presented at our Annual February Membership as mandated by our governing documents.