COVID-19 Pandemic Info and Policy and Procedure updates

Please be sure you read and understand the Community Center Policy - Community Center Policy - Addendum

Access to the facility requires signing and submitted the COVID-Waiver

How to gain access to the Aquatic Facility

Access to the Aquatic Facility will be by finger scan (or PIN). Residents whose finger scans are not already on record should arrange to visit the Community Center office as soon as possible, during posted Scanning Hours as follows:

Scanning Hours:

Tuesdays – Saturdays, 10 am – 2 pm (Due to COVID-19 restrictions please schedule an appointment for scanning, Click Here.)


How do I register?

The homeowner must come into the office during scanning hours (see above) with I.D. or current utility bill showing your home address in MNW, or your closing papers. Then we can begin the registration and give you access.

What if I’m not the homeowner?

The homeowner will list everyone who lives in the house when they complete the family registration form. Once that is completed, you can come into the Community Center office with I.D. showing your home address in MNW, and we will carry out the registration process and give you access.

Can I come in before the homeowner completes the registration?

No – the homeowner must list you as a resident in the home and give us permission to give you access first.

Must I be in good standings with the H.O.A.?

Yes – if you have any questions, please call our management company: SCS Management at 281-463-1777

What if I lease?

Please call the Community Center office at 281-376-4001, Monday through Saturday, 9 am – 3 pm.

Who can get scanned?

You must be listed by the homeowner as a resident, and be 16 years of age or older with I.D. If you do not have I.D., then you must come into the office with the homeowner.