Homeowners Association

Board of Directors

The Board is elected by the subdivision residents to conduct homeowner business and operates under the MNW By-Laws (Re-Stated 12-02-12).

There are currently 6 officer positions and 7 area directors.  For the current Board see the link to HOA Board Member Contacts.

The Board is all volunteer and receives no compensation of any kind for their service

The Board is elected for two year terms. Elections are staggered so that 50% of the board stands for office each year to ensure continuity.

The Board nominates various committees that provide day to day management for the maintenance of the common area, community center and other activities.

Meetings are held monthly at the MNW Community Center with open and executive sessions. There are also three general membership annual meetings to present the budget, take nominations for Board elections and offer information and receive feedback from the homeowners.

Communication back to the residents is conducted via monthly and annual general meetings, the Monthly Newsletter, the HOA website and reader boards in the community.  There is also an on-site office at the community center and telephone, email or mail contact with our CMS management company is also available.