Emergency Number – 911

Sheriff’s Office – 713-221-6000

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Memorial Northwest wants to hear from you! Please call to report suspicious persons, cars or events:

  • Drug Activity/Traffic
  • Graffiti
  • Burglary (Homes or Vehicles)
  • Vandalism
  • Juvenile Issues
  • Traffic Complaints
  • Animal Control
  • Vacant Houses
  • Gang Activity
  • Other…

Click Here to view a form to print and fill out and drop off at the MNWCommunity Center or personally give it to one of our Contract Deputies: Sheriff Trouble Card

Going on Vacation?

Security / Vacation Watch Form

MMW Homeowners Association Security Contract

As is typical with many of the Harris County neighborhoods, the MNW Homeowners Association has a contract with the Sheriff’s department to provide additional security to the subdivision. Three (3) deputies are assigned to the subdivision to provide year round coverage in our neighborhood. Additional resources can be requested if there are specific needs.

The Board receives reports and recommendations from the 2nd VP of Security whose role is to monitor the security situation in the subdivision and work with the Sheriff’s department.

Annually the Harris county Precinct Four commissioner reviews and assesses the cost of the contract and recently the contract has been inflating at about 5% per annum. This contract is reviewed by 2nd VP of Security and the Board to ensure we are getting the best coverage and service for the funds expended.

Security Reports

There are monthly security reports and articles in the MNW Newsletter that relate to key security indicators and issues of concern for the subdivision.

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a united effort to reinforce the protection of our families and the security of our homes through an awareness program. All residents are encouraged to cooperate in this endeavor.

The following steps are required to make this program effective.

  • Adequate locks and bolts on all doors. Keep your windows locked-screwed shut if possible.
  • Sufficient outside lighting around the home.
  • Do not give information over the phone.
  • Teach your children not to open doors when you are unable to answer.
  • Vary your schedule as much as possible. Try to avoid a rigid routine.
  • Alert your neighbor when you have a babysitter.
  • Have your children call home when the have reached their destination and before they leave to return home.
  • Engrave your valuables (including bikes, etc.) with your Texas Driver’s License number.
  • Alert your neighbor to watch your home while it is empty. Let them know your work schedule, overnight outings and vacation.
  • The following suggestions are hints for vacation times:
  • Alert the Sheriff to your plans. Call the Sheriff’s Office, 281-376-2997 (business office/vacation watch number) and leave your name and telephone number. They will return your call.
  • Give a neighbor a key to your house.
  • Tell your neighbors if you expect someone to come to your home and give details.
  • Make an empty house look like someone is home. Use a radio and timers for your lights. Have a neighbor switch your timers from one room to another.
  • Have a neighbor open and close your drapes occasionally.
  • Have someone pick up your mail and newspapers.
  • Report any suspicious activity to our Sheriff’s Department.