March 2022

As we continue to enjoy improving service form our HCSO team, I want to point out a couple rising statistics:

  1. We are seeing an increase in burglaries of vehicles, some of this is through encouraging neighbors to report the activity and some is caused by more activity in general.
  2. We are seeing an increase in domestic issues in very select locations. When we section off those cases to locations, we have a general decrease in locations that are reporting issues.
  3. We have an increase in recorded traffic stops and tickets. This is thanks to a dedicated extra unit that was requested by our board, but we have seen a general increase in traffic tickets from all of our team.

I want to take a chance to reflect on why we are safe and secure and what we can learn from an event that occurred in another neighborhood of Houston. We are more safe and secure because of the work of law enforcement, but also because of the good decisions our community members make and how we take care of each other. We present, as a community, the position of strength and a show of force that deters more crime than not.

How can we learn from the news story below? What are the take-aways on how we can continue to keep our properties and people safe? Please comment below what you think we can learn and do?

*please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers as they recover physically and emotionally from this event.