This page will be updated after the Membership Meeting on September 7th. The nominations are in and candidates for the option positions will be posted after the Membership Meeting is completed.

The election period will be open from Monday, September 20 through Monday, October 4 at 2 p.m.

A copy of the ballot will be made available on this page when voting opens. Voting methods will include mail-in, drop off at the community center in the collection box (during business hours) and via email with an image of your ballot sent to Any votes cast before or after the published voting period will not be accepted. Also remember any ballots not signed, no name, no address or otherwise incomplete can not be accepted. There is only 1 vote per address.

Check back on this page for updates or to get your copy of the ballot. Comment below is you have questions.

[Update 9/9/2021] – The Nomination Committed has finalized the nominations for the 2022 Election. The Ballot will be posted here soon and the nominees’ names and bios will be posted shortly. There are no contested races for any of the At-Large positions but we will have elections for Area 2 and Area 4. If you are not in these areas you will not receive a ballot to complete. Any votes cast by homeowners outside of Area 2 and Area 4 will be rejected when tallied.

Uncontested Positions

President – Greg Schindler

1st Vice President – Jay Jackson

2nd Vice President – Ryan Aduddell

Area 6 Director – Erik Bartlow

Contested Positions

Area Director 2

Catherine Persino

I am putting myself forward as a nominee for Area 2 Director. 

My parents moved to MNW from overseas almost 25 years ago, and our family moved to the neighborhood 8 years ago.  My husband and I have 2 boys, ages 9 and 4, and we love our neighborhood.  We’ve actively participated in all the Easter festivities, Christmas festivities (our MNW Santa is LEGIT!), Food Truck Fridays, 4th of July parades/contests/festivities (our son placed in the decorating contest a few years back!), Pool Opening ceremonies, Trunk or Treat decorating, and more.  When our neighborhood was voting for the next “version” of our community pool, I hit the streets knocking on doors and advocating for the great Aquatic Center we have today.  We love our community, and I love the idea of taking it a step further to not only be a participating resident but a contributing member to the betterment of our neighborhood. 

I am an Human Resources Professional by trade and have over 20 years of experience.  Based on what I have learned about the Area Director role, I may have a complimentary skillset based on my profession.  Many times, I am the objective intermediary between leadership and employees, working to strike a balance between what is fair and reasonable to the employee while representing the best interests of the company as well.  I generally assume the best intentions and give people the benefit of the doubt.  That said, there are standards and expectations that must be met on both sides, and sometimes this requires a firm action and response.  I am comfortable taking that stance. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this quick blurb on me.  In summary, I hope you will consider me for the Area 2 Director position.  I am excited about the possibility of learning and serving on the HOA Board!  

Celine Ruffino

I live in MNW with my husband and 3 children. I work in quality at a plasma donation center. My objective as an Area Director is to help our neighbors deal with their day-to-day issues, and represent their voices on the Board. 

Area Director 4

Mike Siegel

Mike & Hellena have been residents of Memorial Northwest for over 30 years. We have raised all three children here and now have a grandson that can enjoy the facilities with us.  

Mike has two digital marketing businesses: one that he started 18 years ago and another that was started 2 years ago. He is also on the Board of Directors of the National Business Development Association – an organization that he helped to found over ten years ago. He has also been on the Board of the American Institute for Catalan Studies for over 25 years. Mike has a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from the University of Houston. He is active in the Greater Houston Partnership and is a mentor for U of H business students.   As area director I will be mindful of the concerns of the residents of my area and be responsive to their requests on a timely basis. I would act as the conduit to the Board and ensure that every resident is treated equally ensuring that the rules and regulations are followed equally by all residents. 

Kelley Minor

Kelley Minor and her family have been members of the Memorial Northwest community since 2006. She previously served on the Board as Area 4 Director, but stepped down when a change of employment and the resulting travel left her unable to attend Board meetings. Now in a new position, she hopes to continue her support of the MNW community.  Kelley is a solution engineer for a cloud software company and enjoys using her problem-solving skills in everyday life. In her spare time, she loves to scuba dive, travel, tend to her collection of tropical plants, and spend time with her family, including a daughter heading off to college next year.