Attention MNW Residents:

In an effort to keep the common areas and amenities safe and secure, we have updated our biometric system. We ran a report and deleted PINs only for users with both fingerprints and PINs.
*Note:  Everyone’s fingerprints will still be valid

We have had ongoing issues with PINs being misused and passed out to minors, and non-residents.
If you seem to have issues with the scanner reading your fingerprint, be sure your finger is cleaned, and try multiple times if necessary. The board does intend to remove all PINs in the near future, to prevent any further issues.


If you currently have a fingerprint in the system or have signed waivers as of January 1, 2024, you will not need to resubmit.

Feel free to visit the community center during onsite business hours to sign a waiver if you have not already done so.

Sunday – Closed
Monday – Closed
Tuesday – 1pm-7pm
Wednesday – 10am-5pm
Thursday – 10am-5pm
Friday – 10am-5pm
Saturday – 10am-2pm

We appreciate your patience and understanding in our attempt to better the community for all.