Over the past three months we have had many young people access the facility without supervision, bringing others onto the facility, causing damage, disturbing residents, consuming alcohol, using illegal drugs, and creating unsafe conditions. Because of this, we continue to suspend residents who have not supervised the activity of their household members. Many access codes have been shared outside of our neighborhood and we are suspending them as they have been abused.

When we suspend an account, this blocks access to all members of the household to the facilities for the determined period of time. Owners are responsible for the actions of all those that they provide their code to and therefore access to the facility. Here are the rules enforced and a demand for enforcement is growing among those responsibly using the facilities. 

According to our rules filed at the county:

Fitness Center Policy:
7.4. Only Members, Grandfathered Participants, their family members, and their Guest(s) over the age of sixteen (16) years and registered with the Manager may enter the Fitness Center.

Tennis Policy
6.8  Children: No children will be permitted in the court area unless they are playing tennis. Children are to be directly supervised by parents(s), legal guardians(s) or Guardian(s) at all times while on the Property.

PLEASE, make sure your household members are following these rules. We will continue suspending accounts of those who refuse to obey the rules. We have cameras, biometrics, and security to manage these situations as best as possible. I hope that people who plan to break the rules will remember that it is all on camera and enforcement will occur.

Thank you for all of those who help by setting a good example by following the rules and trying to help others follow the rules as well.  You are very much appreciated.

Link to the rules that are filed with the county: https://mnwhoa.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/MNW-Club-Policies-Procedures.pdf