COVID is no longer an excuse, get busy living

It seems like some owners never got the memo that using COVID as an excuse for neglecting their property or responsibilities no longer is accepted. Courts have been backed backlogged and now in full swing. Judges are quickly moving through the lawsuits for property maintenance neglect. In most cases, going to trial does not happen as there is no defense based on the evidence provided to the court. These cases move quickly to summary judgement in favor of the neighbors impacted by property value loss. Not only do the owners have to make corrections to the property including legal fees and up to $200 each day may be awarded in accordance with the Texas Property Code.

The same applies for those owners who neglected to pay their assessments. These properties are quickly moving to foreclosure for the Association to recover delinquent payments. We are expecting all of the cost to recover past due assessments to be recovered when the home is sold. This will help us keep assessments down in 2024. The budget meeting discussions start in August and the budget is finalized in November.

It is a lot less expensive to start now by investing your resources in the maintenance of your property. Deferring maintenance is no longer acceptable; your neighbor’s pressure the Association to take legal action and expect us to recover all expenses of enforcement from your neglect. This is a waste of time and money on everyone’s part, yet it is up to you how we proceed. Please make an investment now in your landscaping, fences, gutters, removing junk vehicles and other required maintenance to preserve property values. Your neighbors expect this to be done now.