There has been some discussion and confusion on the regulations in regaurd to golf carts and other slow moving vehicles in the neighborhood. After consulting with HCSO and local court officials we have found no special regulation against the use of slow moving vehicles in the neighborhood. The vehicles are to be driven by a licensed driver and follow all the same behaviors of a street legal vehicle. You must also meet the requirement posted with the state and county for slow moving vehicles that can be found on state and county websites.

Example of a smaller vehicle parking at the back of the parking spot for visibility and safety

When parking around the neighborhood we ask that you park as a regular street legal vehicle. When you park at the community center, you are required to keep the vehicle in the parking lot with the other street legal vehicles and park in a normal parking space. To be clear, golf carts and slow moving vehicles are to stay off the grass and sidewalks on the community center property. If you can park with another cart or slow moving vehicle, please do so. It is also recommended that you park with your vehicle at the back of the parking space. This practice will make sure that all vehicles looking for a parking space see the vehicle and do not attempt to pull into the same space and collide with your cart or slow moving vehicle.