The Board of Directors regrets to announce that our president, Roy May, recently needed to resign his position due to urgent personal and business considerations. The entire Board would like to take this opportunity to thank Roy for his strong leadership role during his tenure as president. The policies and procedures of your Board of Directors provide for constancy of office in this leadership role and, as such, it is provided that the 1st vice president should migrate to the role of president. I, Phil Blagg, as your former 1st vp, do accept this interim role and its responsibilities.

To more personally acquaint you, my family and I have been happy residents of this great community for over 20 years. The three young sprouts (3 boys) that we brought in and raised up here have since moved on to other pastures and are pursuing great adventures of their own. Nevertheless, the ‘old folks at home’ (Jackie and I) are still firmly planted here and looking forward to the next 20 years of MNW community life. To that end, I do pledge these next efforts and civic responsibilities to maintaining and cultivating this family-friendly and diverse community for the benefit of all of our futures here.

On a more day-to-day but important note about neighborhood safety, I would like to remind our residents that the summer season is upon us. With that season comes an abundance of joggers, dog-walkers, bicycles, and multiple children on foot. All of our family drivers are cautioned to take extra care and precautions during this time. Parents: please caution your own young drivers again about the increased hazard potential. In addition, our non-resident-through-traffic has increased greatly over the recent years. To that point, your Board continues to communicate with our Sheriff’s patrols to aggressively target any and all of the careless and unrepentant stop-sign-rollers and excessive speeders throughout the subdivision. Personally, it is hard for me to imagine wanting it otherwise.

Thank you for taking the time to peruse your new president’s first monthly message. Comments from the community are welcomed at any time. (Email is generally the communication mode of choice.)

Phil Blagg
MNW Board President