I have a quick update on the Membership Meeting from last week.  This is one of three Membership Meetings we hold per year.  This meeting is specific for nominations for expiring positions.  In this election cycle the President, 1st Vice President, 3rd Vice President and Area Directors 2, 4, and 6 have expiring terms.

The nomination committee, chaired by Virginia Smith, contacted all incumbent position holders and reached into the community to find individuals interested in serving. There was not a great deal of interest.  However, we will be going into 2024 with a full board.

There are no contested positions.  This means there will be no ballot sent to members.

  • President – Jay Jackson
  • 1st Vice President – Brandon Robbins
  • 2nd Vice President – Gregg Williams
  • Area Director 2 – Candice Cowin
  • Area Director 4 – Craig Carter
  • Area Director 6 – Erik Bartlow

In other Membership Meeting news, it was great to see a nearly full room of people attend. We had an interesting Q&A that revolved around the planned townhomes being built next to the Community Center.

We also presented an award to Greg Schindler honoring his service to the community. Unfortunately, Greg was not present as he sold his house quicker than we anticipated.  If you are not aware Greg has sold his home in MNW where he raised his family and moved to Slidell.  His vision and depth of knowledge will be missed.

Please note, we are in transition to the new management company. This is going fairly well with a few hiccups but that is to be expected. If you have not signed up for their portal, please do so. You will find instructions in the letter received at your mailing address or from the copy of the letter posted on the web site.