This summer we are planning changes to our fitness center that improve the quality of life of our residents. Expect an announcement for a grand opening once all the details have been completed. Our fitness committee presented a compelling comprehensive plan to the Board of Directors to modernize our facility. Many thanks go to our volunteer committee members who spent many hours collection information from users, equipment providers, professional instructors and researching fitness best practices.

Our all-volunteer committee consists of your neighbors who are licensed fitness instructors and users. A survey was conducted with over a hundred participants using our facilities providing valuable feedback to consider.

The plan encompasses a large age range of needs from young adults to seniors. For the young adult, the demand for data from the equipment is paramount during their workouts. Many corporations are demanding wellness metrics like steps, calories burned, and other wellness biometrics to provide incentives like reduced health premiums or even online shopping rewards. The quality of life goal for our youth is to provide a convenient, comfortable and safe place to create a habit-forming lifestyle of wellness. For our seniors, the focus is on aerobics and resistive training. A combination of these two routines improves cardiovascular functions, bone density, and joint strength. Joint strength is very important as we age, thus having the best ergonomic equipment is paramount to train muscles correctly to strengthen joints throughout the proper range of motion without stressing the joint itself. The equipment was also selected based on our need to rehabilitate after corrective surgery. Obtaining instruction from your Doctor or specialist allows you to continue rehabilitation nearer to home. Perhaps we need to think about a SKYPE alternative to allow your therapist to monitor your progress from a remote location? You have to love technology.

The plan also included not only what equipment to purchase, but how to sustain the program going forward. This includes proper maintenance of equipment and cleaning to assure a healthy environment. A checklist was developed to periodically inspect various aspects of the fitness facility to assure corrective action occurs quicker to ensure the longevity of the program.

I hope this article encourages you to join a committee to help make things happen towards improving our quality of life. If you have not, please visit our fitness center. You can work on a habit-forming a routine to improve your health. It is also a great place to meet your neighbors.