Rules are important in the fitness center to make gym goers feel more safe, confident and comfortable and to get the most out of your gym visit so you will keep coming back for more and have fun.

  1. You must wear correct gym attire. No jean pants and must wear close toe shoes. Because we want to keep everyone safe in the gym so flip flops are not allowed in the gym for safety reasons on the treadmill or just walking around the gym. That also goes with wearing a shirt or muscle shirt in the gym at all time.
  2. Do not hold the door for others entering the gym. This will allow that only members and people of age are granted entry.
  3. No grunting, banging, or clinging weights during workouts.
  4. You must wear earphones or headphones if you choose to listen to music during your workout.
  5. No profane language allowed. 
  6. No food or drink allowed in the gym. You may have water only. Spills are to be cleaned up.
  7. There is a maximum of twenty minutes per machine out of courtesy for others.
  8. Tobacco products are prohibited in the fitness center.

A full list of rules can be found by the squat machine across from the cable machine. These rules are important because violators of the rules will be asked to leave, and repeat offenders will face further sanctions/discipline.