Ryan Aduddell, 2nd VP, Security

Safely Back to School| WXYZ.com

School starts on Wednesday. Our board has worked for years to help with school traffic and field complaints and look for solutions. Last year we worked with Klein PD to help correct the drop off/pick up process at Theiss with some success. We also have worked with the administration of both schools, the Klein PD, Harris county and the Sherriff’s office on solutions. At a certain point, we have to ask everyone driving around the schools during those times to use better judgement.

Please slow down, make lots of rooms for walkers and bike riders, and avoid the school areas if you don’t need to be there. For those homeowners that have kids using their yards to stay safe, please be kind even if you are asking them not to. Everyone responds better to kind requests than shouting and aggressiveness. Below are the areas we see the most issues with parking on the street, impatient driving, etc.

PLEASE DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, BREAK TRAFFIC LAWS! Just wait, don’t drive on the wrong side of the road. Your lack of patience could seriously harm or kill someone. Please direct communication to the office of each school and the Klein ISD Police Department.

Theiss: (832) 484-5900
Doors Open: 7:45 am
Dismissal: 3:25 pm
Doerre: (832) 249-5700
Doors Open: 8:30 am
Dismissal: 4:05 pm

Klein PD: (832) 249-4266