Safety & Security Report, August 2022, Ryan Aduddell 2nd VP Safety & Security

As per usual, there is very little to report that is a significant change. The commissioners court provided a new contract at renewal of only 10 months so that they could make changes sooner. That renewal is under consideration now and the contracts are the same conditions for both HCSO and PCT services. At this time we see no advantage to changing our contract.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? The biggest issue with crime and safety we have right now that is ongoing and you can change is our street parking. Our deed restrictions and covenants supersede the county parking laws because they call for extra caution and not less that would break the county codes. This has been proven in case law as a contractual obligation of residents that agreed to the restrictive covenants. PLEASE park your vehicles in the driveway, garage, or find a storage lot if you cannot. Street parking attracts criminals who break into them and look for other opportunities in our neighborhood that could lead to violent crime. Street parking also causes line of sight issues and safety issues for kids walking and riding their bikes to and from school. The county may not be able to enforce this, but the HOA can and will when problems are identified.

We continue to request more support for traffic issues in the neighborhood and help around the schools from both the HCSO and KISDPD. It is best to avoid the areas surrounding the campus during drop off and pick up times if possible. DO NOT, please, DO NOT cross the double yellow lines and drive the wrong way on these roads. Impatience is never a good enough reason to put others at risk. We have asked HCSO and KISDPD to watch for this activity. We also ask the community members report this activity with time, location, and license plates to authorities. We are still on schedule to have traffic signals installed on Champion Forest Drive toward the end of 2022. We do not have final locations for each signal, but once completed, this improvement should enhance safety and lower travel time between Louetta and Springs Cypress. There is no proposed change to the speed limit.

Finally, please call into the county office if you see road signs that need to be replaced or have safety concerns with brush and trees blocking the view and right of way. Replacements poles and signs have been placed in many locations already and the county does record and priorities concerns called in by residents.