September 2022, Ryan Aduddell, 2nd VP, Security

Protecting and Serving

Our Security Team:

The first week of September we saw just how good our Sheriff’s Deputies really are at their role in our community. My wife received a call from a friend who had just stopped and talked to a young boy who was standing in the rain with a bag. The bag contained some clothes and food, and he was running away from home. She moved her car to a spot where she could watch him, and I immediately contacted our Sheriff’s Deputies through our secure chat. S.D. Philipbar (pictured above) immediately matched him to the description they were given just a few minutes before from the parents. Within minutes she arrived and secured the child to return him home safely. That’s what it is all about folks, protecting and savings lives. I would like to commend the resident that reported this right away as well and kept an eye on the boy, potentially keeping him from harm.

Yes, we want our S.D.s to patrol the streets for speeding, running stops signs, and all the annoying things we deal with each day. But I think we can all agree that with limited resources it is more important to protect lives, prevent harm to residents, and to keep our properties secure. In the last few months, we have seen a decrease in theft, vandalism, and domestic disturbances. Our deputies have worked with several families that have at risk adults and children to get them the resources they need to live healthier and safer lives. Those things have a huge impact on the quality of life for those families and their neighbors.

While we continue to push the county to police their roads with-in our neighborhood and the major thoroughfares they developed, it is not possible for our officers to be everywhere at once. Our roads are still part of the district policing that is a responsibility of the HCSO as a whole, not just those on our contract. I want to encourage you to call and report violations that you see. Social Media is not a sufficient method of communication to our law enforcement. Shaming people on social media will likely cause worse behavior that could cause the person posting to be targeted for harm. Please call 911 about dangerous situations and report the plate and description. Please call the non-emergency line (713-221-6000) for those nesciences like illegally parked vehicles. We had a member at our meeting on the 6th tell me about an illegally parked vehicle. I asked him to provide a picture and address as a witness to this happening. The vehicle was stickered the same day and will be towed if not removed by the owner in 3 days.

The Security Contract:

Jay Jackson presented the security contract from the commissioners court at our meeting on the 6th. The contract has increased with inflation by $800 a month for three deputies to be in our neighborhood. Jay and I evaluated the option of changing to the Constables for our contract, being that the third option of no contract is not reasonable at this time. After finding that service have degraded further from the Constables office when consulting with other HOAs, and the Constables self-reporting to the Texas State Comptroller, Glenn Hegar, that they have been defunded and are short over 2,000 Constables. We recommended that we continue our contract with the HCSO and the board voted as such.

Texas State Comptroller, Glenn Hegar, released findings that Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo has moved to divert funds from the Constables to other agendas. Our crime rates in Harris County are now documented to be worse than that of Chicago, IL. Just 10 years ago we had less than 50 violent felons released on bond in our county and now that numbers is reported to be over 400. Here is a copy of the letter drafted by Glenn Hegar:

I sincerely hope that policy changes are made as soon as possible with the current elected officials or future elected officials to return more peace and safety to our communities. Please vote your conscience in the upcoming local elections and consider your choice carefully so that policies will change no matter who is elected.

National Night Out is coming up October 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods safer, more caring places to live. National Night Out enhances the relationship between neighbors and law enforcement while bringing back a true sense of community. Furthermore, it provides a great opportunity to bring police and neighbors together under positive circumstances.” 

This year we would like everyone to coordinate a National Night out block party with their neighbors and friends. Please comment below the location of your party so that others can swing by and meet you. We will provide the address to our S.D.s so that they can swing by and say hello! 

Traffic Lights Project:

Due to the jerrymandering of precincts in our area, our precinct has changed to PCT 3. Our project was being designed and vetted by PCT 4 and was going to be added to list of project beginning in October. I was in direct contact with the contracted engineering firm and precinct 4 project managers as things were moving forward in May. Our project has now been placed on hold as other projects had already been slated to begin and the docket of projects increased dramatically because of the lines drawn to change the precinct demographics and voting blocks. I am working to get our project back on the list and could use your help. Please click on this link below and fill out a traffic or safety concern asking for traffic signals on Champion Forest Drive. In the description please make a comment asking for the signals to be installed for the safety of all pedestrians and drivers, and elaborate on your concerns that the project was stopped. I hope we can help move the needle to getting this project back on track: