June 2021

Ryan Aduddell, 2nd VP, Safety & Security

May security stats and what we are seeing so far in June are showing exactly what was predicted in last month’s blog from the rolling 48 month historical data:

– Vehicles that are left on the street, unlocked, or with valuables inside are being burglarized and vandalized at a higher rate than the last 9 months. It would be best to remove valuables, move the vehicles off the street, and securely lock the vehicles.

– Suspicious vehicles are being reported more often in the neighborhood, most likely because of the differing traffic patters and people visiting residents.

-Traffic stops have increased due to additional vehicles speeding and not obeying traffic signals. Please watch out for this additional hazard during these summer months. Our officers are doing their best to balance addressing this issue with other higher priority events.

Unfortunately, this activity happens around the same time each year for many reasons. Our officers are aware of these issues and are working to help mitigate the frequency and apprehend perpetrators. The quote “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” comes to mind. Remember to secure your belongings and vehicles, lock up tools and ladders that could be used for mischief, and take proper steps to prepare your property when leaving for a vacation. If you have not already, please install a recording security camera at your home to aid our officers with good information should something happen at your home or those around you.

I hope all have a happy and safe Independence Day and look forward to the events planned at the community center July 3rd!

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