Our president, Phil Blagg, is temporarily unavailable due to unanticipated personal circumstances. The entire HOA BOD looks forward to his return as soon as possible.

As school’s opening day rapidly approaches, we look back on what was hopefully an eventful and fun summer for all. It’s certainly been eventful for MNW. First, I’d like to recognize a woman who is nothing less than an icon in our community. It’s with a great deal of personal sadness that I publically announce that Eleanor Naremore is moving on from MNW. Those who are associated with her know her as a dedicated resident, absolutely committed to the betterment of this community. Over the decades, Eleanor served with distinction in several positions on the BOD. Even when not actively on the board, she remained a force in bringing to light and addressing issues of public concern. Wherever your journey takes you, Eleanor, know that you have the thanks of this entire community for all that you have done here. You will be greatly missed.

Unfortunately, due to the absence of our president and his anticipated return, several key administrative issues that might have been resolved in August were deferred to a later date. Because we don’t know when exactly that’ll be, the BOD is exploring all lawful methods to proceed. One issue of particular import involved the naming of the nominating committee. This is an effort President Blagg was personally involved with. As the acting president, I am proceeding with caution to make certain the president’s concerns are addressed and his direction followed.

The final report from the Pool Committee was also delivered at August’s HOA meeting. This issue is of great importance to the community and the meeting was well attended. Unfortunately, because of miscommunication amongst some BOD members, critical mistakes were made and the report was released to the public before the BOD had a chance to review it. For this reason, I suspended public comment on the issue or the report. After the report was delivered, board discussion ensued and several items needed further research. As was originally directed, the objective of this report is to gather facts representing two options concerning the future of the community pool. These options will be presented to all homeowners for a final decision.

Finally, as 2nd VP of security, I have faced almost constant constructive and not-so-constructive criticism about the safety and traffic issues around Theiss Elementary School. The tactics from the past for addressing these problems have not been successful, nor do I believe they ever will be. We are not going to get speed bumps, bike lanes, sidewalks, etc., on Hidden Trail. I do not believe we will ever convince anyone outside MNW to redesign Theiss Mail in front of Theiss to accommodate our traffic problems. KISD police are not going to suddenly bump us up on the priority list and start showing up regularly for traffic enforcement. But we’re not helpless. We can do something! You can do something! We’re way beyond continuing to pointlessly talk about these issues. I have a plan to address the safety of our children at Theiss, but I can’t do it by myself. I’m asking those who can to step outside their comfort zones and recognize our children on those streets are in real danger, then resolve to do something about it beyond just talking. Our children face this danger twice daily: when they are going to school and then again when they are going home. I need volunteers to work with me during those times to ensure their safety.

MNW has a choice. We can continue to argue and debate the same safety issues that have been regurgitated ad nauseum for decades, to no successful results. I guarantee this will result in no actions being taken and we will continue to talk about this until a child is actually seriously hurt. Or we can join together and do something to protect our children. If you are 18 or over, can stand for at least a half hour, and can commit a little time during the week, please call me for additional details. I need you to make this work!

Please see the website at www.mnwcenter.com for ongoing information regarding the HOA upcoming election, etc.

Lawrence McKinney
Acting President