April 20, 2019 @ 9:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Community Center
Bob Pryor
MUSICIAN'S CORNER - Brainstorming Meeting @ Community Center

“Brainstorming Meeting” at the Memorial Northwest Community Center.

“NO INSTRUMENTS” for this meeting please, as the purpose of the session will be to exchange ideas, and plan what we wish to do in the future. Looking forward to meeting everyone and hearing your visions for the group.

NOTE: For those, who had not seen the original post it was posted on April 1st I have included it below.

I’m thinking of setting up what I’ll call a “Musician’s Corner” for Memorial Northwest residents. The exact format will be developed along the way. In general, it will be musicians or singers meeting once a month at our CC and either jamming, collectively writing music, or if we have enough folks who have performed, eventually putting together a concert for our residents in the future. It would be a fun way to meet other creative people and do some music making.

If you are a Memorial Northwest Resident and would be interested in this sort of thing, please email me, and I’ll set up a meeting date.


Bob Pryor
Chair-Social & Education Committee