I am glad to report that, as per usual, we do not have a crime problem in our neighborhood. That is not to say there is not crime, those of us who have suffered loss or been put in danger, absolutely feel the effect of our individual experience. But, we live in a very safe and secure community because of great decisions by the majority of our residents and protective and preventive actions by all of our law enforcement agencies and the fine people who protect us through those groups. I have not posted many times about safety and security over the last three years because there has just not been much to say, I am glad for that!

Below is a visual representation of the most common issues we see in our neighborhood and we can see that the only spikes or elevated levels are in traffic violations. Over the last seven years we have not seen any notable increase in reported crimes in any category. Perhaps we are more aware of those events because of social media, but they are not more frequently reported to our law enforcement.

I also want to thank all those who have been kind and supportive over the last 8 years of my time on the board. I knew that I would serve until all positions were filled or fillable by other volunteers. No, sorry to disappoint some, we are not moving (LOL). I have seen a lot of change over the last 8 years and I believe our neighborhood has a bright future as long as we all work toward continuously improving. One of my favorite moments over the last 8 years was watching my kids climb to the top of the slide for the first time at our new community pool and play on the new lily pads and splash pad. I was so proud of our pool planning and project team. We finally did the thing that so many said we couldn’t make happen. We proved the value and the community decided to invest in the future.

If you are not getting better as a community, then you are quickly getting worse (the fall is always faster than the climb). I am sure that the leaders in our community will lead with confidence and perseverance. A title doesn’t create leaders, leaders create positive outcomes. You don’t need to have a title or be on the board to make a difference. You can lead by giving of your time, taking care of your property, working with those around you to do the same, and by not forgetting the people around you may be having their best season in life or the worst.

Good luck, God bless, and see you around the neighborhood.